The Last of the Independents

The Last of the Independents are a rock n’ roll five piece based out of Boston, Ma. Initially formed in the spring of 2006, the four founding members played sporadically as an instrumental blues-rock jam band. After five years and a virtual revolving door of lead singers, the group finally found a match in vocalist Brittany Wynne. This new line up helped the band to renew their neo-classic rock sound and hone their songwriting and overall musical direction. With an already established weaving dual guitar and a driving rhythm section, Wynne’s charismatic vocals propel the band to a level they have always aspired to. Within the past year the band has seen much local success and is now releasing their debut EP.


Brittany Wynne - Lead Vocals
Mark Loud - Guitar
Bobby Driscoll - Guitar
Max Martelli - Bass
Curtis Manning - Drums


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